With Custom Cabinetry, Every Detail IS the Difference

The same skilled craftsmen who fabricate your cabinets at the DeCarle plant will install your products onsite. We’re often the first ones to arrive, and more often than not, we’re the last to leave. We attend to every last detail throughout the entire process.

Design / Engineer
Architectural firms are usually an important part of our team for each project. Once we receive the architects’ plans or design drawings (which may often be floor plans without other necessary details), we visit the jobsite. There, we’ll take actual measurements and dimensions to determine elevations, discuss onsite construction aspects, and map out any details not apparent on the blueprints. We then complete our own shop drawings based on the original architectural plans and our site visit, adding in redlines and modifications needed to build to specifications. Once plans receive final sign-off, fabrication commences.

This engineering phase establishes the baseline standards of precision required to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

This phase involves scheduling and budgeting of all aspects of the project, both at our facility and at our customer’s site. We order all materials for the job and inspect them upon arrival. We meet with our team of craftsmen to discuss and plan the entire scope of the project, from cut listings and fabrication to final finishing, delivery and installation.

The fabrication process varies according to each job’s requirements. We create individual product components to exact specifications, using only the highest quality materials.

The same team of craftsmen that fabricated and finished your products will arrange for delivery, prepare the site and complete the installation process. Our crews are efficient, orderly and will leave your property and their work area clean.

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority. Every Day.
At DeCarle Cabinetry, our customers’ requests are always at the top of our daily priority list. We are responsive to our clients’ needs and we make things right. We take the extra steps necessary to deliver superb customer service, and are proud of our consistently excellent levels of client satisfaction.